high temperature paint

high temperature paint
Price: US $ 6 - 9 / Kilogram

Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)
Main Raw Material:Inorganic nano-resin
Usage:Appliance Paint, Metal product
Application Method:Spray
State:Liquid Coating
Brand Name:TieMao
Model Number:WANZLON-W
Color:black silver-gra

Products Details:

  Ceramic high-temperature water-soluble paint & coating  All products in this series all in compliance with the EU and North America pb content of 90 ppm RoHs requirements. And the WANZLON-W non-stick high-temperature water-soluble. Stable quality, complete specifications, timely delivery, reasonable price.This product is high gloss, very strong resistance, hardness:6 H, strong adhesion, heat resistance and good resistance to salt spray is excellent, and after high temperature non-yellowing coating does not soften, the use of high rate of non-toxic environment, there is SGS certification report!                                        Construction requirements of high temperature coatings 1,            This product stir thoroughly before use, the construction should be diluted with thinner coatings of high viscosity stir again before they can construction. Proposed construction of viscosity: (paint viscosity cup #4: 16 s)   2,            Before spraying the product, it is necessary to be coated is heated to 60°C- 80°C, removed immediately after spraying.3,           Surface should be coated rust, dust, oil and other debris (sand recommended the use of mechanical handling.) 2-3 hours in the painting and to prevent secondary pollution. 4,            This product should pay attention to the construction site of the construction environment, pay attention to anti-dust, dust, humidity, while paying attention to ventilation, so that the human body is also good. 5,            After spraying the product, should be placed within the drying equipment, drying curing, drying temperature from room temperature to 200-220°C and the need to constant temperature for 20 minutes. 6,            Our use of the product-specific application of the solvent as diluent,  but also can be purchased locally instead of the regular use of xylene, but not add too much to avoid sagging, sick and poor hiding power coating. 7,            This product is not mixed with other coatings, high temperature so as not to affect product performance. Store cool and dry place at the same time, not run out of paint to be sealed.    TaiZhou Tiemao Paint Co.,Ltd 

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