Ceramic Balls

Ceramic Balls
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Ceramic balls are broadly utilized  as covering and supporting mterials of catalysts in reaction vessels and as packing in towers.They are widely used in petrolem chemical ,fertilizer ,natural gas and environmental protection industry. With stable chemical features and a low rate of water absorption,they can resist high temperatures and high pressure,and also can resist the corrosion of acid,alkali and some other organic solvents,and can stand the change in temperature during the application.Ceramic balls can increase the distribution spots of gas or liquid, and to support and protect the activating catalyst with low strength.Main Feature ParameterspecificationCommon Ceramic BallsInert Alumina Ceramic BallsMedium-Alumina Ceramic BallsHigh-Alumina Ceramic Balls99%-Alumin Ceramic BallAl2O3+SiO2(%)>93>92>93>93>99Al2O3(%)17-2323-3047-5690-9299Fe2O3(%)<1<1<1<10.2CaO(%)<0.5<1.5<2<40.2MgO(%)<0.5<2.5<0.5<0.50.1K2O+Na2O(%)<4<4<3.5<4>0.5TiO2______<0.5<0.1<0.10.5Leachable Fe2O3______<0.1<0.001<0.001 Water Absorption<0.5%<0.5%<2<32.0-3.6Heaping weight g/m32.3-2.42.3- Temp(max) oC    >1100>110014801760________Mohs Hardness>6.5>7>7>7>7.5Crush strength KN/particle          1/4"(6mm)>0.5>0.54>0.56>0.44>11/2"(13mm)>1.5>1.67>1.56>1.99>33/4"(19mm)>4.15>4.21>2.89>3.21>51"(25mm)>6.07>6.22>4.89>5.33>81 1/2"(38mm)>8.52>8.92>5.33>5.28>82"(50mm)>9.7>9.8>6.22>8>15

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ceramic balls

Inert aluminum oxide ceramic balls are widely used in many fields, including petroleum, chemical engineering, fertilizer production, natural gas and environmental protection. They are used as covering and supporting materials of catalysts in reaction vess

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