Electrical Electronic Application Training Equipment

Electrical Electronic Application Training Equipment
Price: US $ 1,000 - 10,000 / Set

Brand Name:YALONG
Model Number:YL-GD
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Certificate:ISO9001,ISO14001, OHSAS18001

Products Details:

Electrical Electronic Application Training EquipmentThe trainer is suitable for experiments and training for undergraduates, higher vocational education colleges and senior technicians.system configurationCabinet 1) Superior Al structure, fire-proof plastic.2) Single-layer structure (dimension: 1550mm×780mm×1210mm) Power supply 3-phase AC power supply, through 3-phase insulation transformer for 220V/127V power supply, electric shock and overload protection, human body safety. AC/DC power supply (20 types) *1-phase,3-phese  AC power supply, electric regulation  digital voltage display.* DC power supply, DC power supply* DC power supply Function signal source ncluding Sino wave, square wave, triangle wave, saw-tooth wave and pulse wave, adjustable frequency (5 1/2), adjustable amplitude (3 1/2), and adjustable duty ratio. Basic electric instruments (6pcs) (digital meters: 1.0 grade) YL-NT I ~ V, 5 types.Form 1. YL-NT I~V types, and related courses CodeCourse nameIncorporatedIIIIIIIVVA1Electrical basis and application (without 3-phase circuit) A1A1A1A1BAnalogy electronic technology applicationBBB BCDigital electronic technology applicationCCC CDElectrical & electronic technology application  D DEElectrical traction control   EEFElectrical ExperimentAs required by users, types and courses related are in form below.

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