Natural vegetable powder

Natural vegetable powder
Price: US $ 10 - 100 / Kilogram

Processing Type:SD
Drying Process:SD
Cultivation Type:Common
Max. Moisture (%):0
Shelf Life:2 YEARS
Weight (kg):1
Place of O

Products Details:

 Characteristies of flavor:It has flavor of fresh  mixed vegetable(tomato+papaya), with rich  sweet small,and remained long.Characteristics: to maximum content, maintain the original color and luster, flavors and fibers of all kinds of raw materials, possess excellent swollen and moisture, high soluble, rich nutrition, healthy and relish, easy to eat, which can be used as foods ingredients to process, replace the traditional essence and coloring matter.Supreme characteristic: to satisfy the customers, manufacture as per the buyers' request.Main material:  high natural condensed juice Use:It is used in medical health products,baby and infant foods, bread,cake, biscuit,chocolate, Musi sweet, ice-cream, QQ candy and so on.   We are manufacturer of spray dried natural fruits, vegetables powder in CHINA. We produce pure and quality powders which are prepared from natural real fresh raw material. There is no preservative added. What is Spray Dried Fruit Powder and Extract Powder?It is made from Real Fruits!!!Spray dried fruit powder is the fruit powder which is produced from REAL FRUIT PUREE by using Spray Dryer machine.
The spray dried powder is 100% water soluble.

It can be easily melt in water to become the form of fruit puree and all the texture, smell, freshness and taste of the puree is still exactly just like the same as the puree before spray drying process.

Some parts of the fruit can not be eaten but they contain a lot of very useful substances. We can use these substances by extracting it out of the fruits first, and then using spray dryer to make it in the form of Extract powder. Right now it is the super quick method in add more value to your product by adding these useful extract powder.
It can be used in various kind of industries such as food supplements industry, bakery industry, food and beverage industry.  Why do you need this Spray dried Powder? Spray dried powder, makes you life easier!!
Because the spray dried fruit powder is 100% water soluble, so it can be melt easily in water and become the REAL FRUIT PUREE immediately for immediate use.

>Why do you have to waste you time transforming the fruit into puree first so that you will be able to use it?
>Let 's cut this step off by just melting our powder to get the puree.
It is so easy and conveniet.

It help you saving cost in inventory!!
Because it is the powder, so there will be no need of refrigerator or cold storage used which can help you save a lot of cost in inventory.

Or imagine when the electricity is shut down or the refrigerateor is broken down. What will you do with your puree which is going to spoil? Why don't you use our spray dried powder instead?

There will be more space left on you stock!!
The powder is small and concentrated. But it can be melt to generate a large volume of puree. You only need a small shelf to keep it on stock.Are you in these industries?It can be effectively applied to response to the use in various industies such as: food & beverage industry Confectioneries and Bakery, Baby foods Jam and Jelly Snacks Health supplement Pharmacy Ice cream etc.    

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