Tungsten Carbide Disc Cutter

Tungsten Carbide Disc Cutter
Price: US $ 20 - 180 / Piece

Place of Origin:Hunan China (Mainland)
Brand Name:RiXin
Model Number:to be customized
Blade Material:Tungsten Carbide Steel
Size:200mm/250mm,or others to be customized

Products Details:

Zhuzhou city , located in South China, known as a city dragged by the train, is a traffic hub in South China and a very important passageway running north and south, connecting west and east, and it is also a tungsten carbide base in China.
Zhuzhou Mingri Tungsten Carbide Co.,Ltd., located in Liyu industrial park of Zhuzhou Tianyuan District, was established in 2001 with a investment of over 50 million RMB and a modernized plant of more than 7000 square meters.The company mainly produces tungsten carbide products—— cold heading and punching dies, drawing dies, disc cutters, milling cutters, plates, Anti-slid tyer pins, geological and mining tools and various special products.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Grade                                                                                            Performance & application recommendedDensityT.R.SHardnessg/cm3MPαHRAMK6A14.9 1850 92.0 Fine grain alloy, good wear resistance. Semi-finishing of chilled cast iron, non-ferrors metals alloys, semi-finishing and finishing of hardened steel, alloy steel.MK814.7 2400 89.5 High strength in use, impact and shock resistance higher than YG6, but wear resistance and cutting speed comparatively lower. Roughing of cast irons, non-ferrors metals and their alloys as well as non metallic materials at low cutting speed.MK10X14.5 2200 91.0 Fine grain alloy, good wear resistance. Used for processing hard wood, veneer board, PCB, PVC and  metals.YS2T14.5 2480 92.0 Fine grade alloy, with high wear resistance, high bending strength, high resistance to bonding, high thermal strength. Machining of refractory alloys, stainless steel and high manganese steel, etc.SL1014.8 2450 90.5 High wear resistance, high bending strength, used for lead cutter in electrical line.G2014.3 2420 90.0 Conventional wear resistance, high bending strength,used for steel alloy etc.(unit):mm DdStype12 X6 X s12 60.6-4.513 X6 X s13 60.6-4.516 X6 X s16 60.6-4.522 X10 X s22 100.6-4.525 X12 X s25 120.6-5.532 X10 X s32 100.8-5.540 X10 X s40 100.8-6.045 X13 X s45 130.8-6.053 X13 X s50 130.8-6.052 X24.5 X s52 24.50.8-6.053 X24.5 X s53 24.50.8-6.058 X 22 X s58 220.8-6.055 X16 X s55 160.8-6.060 X19 X s60 190.8-7.063 X17 X s63 170.8-7.070 X22 X s70 220.8-7.075 X22 X s75 220.8-7.080 X22 X s80 220.8-7.083 X 21 X s83 210.8-7.086.5 X21.5 X s87 21.51.0-7.090 X22 X s90 221.0-7.0100 X22 X s100 221.0-7.0125 X 22 X s125 221.0-7.0200 X70 X s200 703.0-4.5250 X70 X s250 703.0-4.5Other grade of disc saw blades may be offered according to customers' requirement.   

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