health drink _ Fermented Korean Lacquer Sap 100

health drink _ Fermented Korean Lacquer Sap 100
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Product Type:Juice, Fruit Juice, Vegetables Ju...
Brand Name:OKKA
Model Number:100
Place of Origin:Seoul South Korea

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Effects The important ingredient of lacquer tree is ‘urushiol’.
’Urushiol’ is also the major content of lacquer tree sap,
and it matches ‘Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUCDA)’ by
99% which constitutes the bear’s gallbladder.
The urushiol content of the sap of lacquer trees grown
in Korea is 60%, 10% more than the sap of lacquer trees
grown in other countries, and it exhibits better medicinal
effect. In particular, the lacquer tree grown in Gangwondo
province is famous. According to the ancient
Chinese book of medicine ‘Gujinluxiafa’, the efficacy of
lacquer has been known from the Sui Dynasty (581~618)
of China. Emperor Yang, the 2nd emperor of the Sui
Dynasty, who had 134 concubines, enjoyed having
‘yidashan‘ which is known to rejuvenate the aged and
increase energy, and the main ingredient of ‘yidashan‘ is
lacquer. Lacquer eliminates extravasated blood and thins
the blood. Also, it is known to have great effects on
various liver problems such as chronic gastritis and fatty
liver. Urushiol causes lacquer poisoning but it also has
antibacterial effects. Lacquer sap warms the body, hands,
and feet to protect the body from cold in the winter. How to Cook Lacquered Chicken/Lacquered Duck 1. Prepare a chicken
2. Remove grease from chicken and place it in a
pressure cooker. Add 400ml~750ml of fermented
lacquer sap and cook (for 25~30 minutes).
3. Those who wish to drink the lacquer soup can drink it
like water for 2 days, or make porridge with it.
4. 400ml will be enough if you only want to give special
flavor to the chicken but use at least 800ml when you
are cooking it as a health food. Content : 1.5L
◊  If you have heartburn after taking a lacquer sap product on
an empty stomach, take it after meals for about 10 days
before taking it before meals. 

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